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Welcome to the Good Space Plan Online. Good Space Plans are comprehensive, customized interior design plans, created around your tastes and lifestyle, which you then execute yourself as your time and budget allow.

No matter where you live in North America, we can create a Good Space Plan that’s right for you, filled with instructions, recommendations and specifications that are all achievable (and purchasable) in your area or online. Through a collaborative online process, we’re able to tailor the plan to reflect your style and the way you live.


Does this sofa make my living room look fat?

Whether we’re working on one room of your home or several, we always address five key elements of Good Space design —
You, Function, Surfaces, Light and Goods.

The most central element of any Good Space Plan is you – that’s right, You! We take time upfront to fully understand your style, your space and the way you live in it. Once we really get to know you and your requirements, we build a Good Space Plan by addressing the remaining four key elements of Good Space interior design that will define your space:



How your space needs to work: its layout, flow and scale



The types and placement of lighting that brighten your space



The colours and textures of things that cover your floors, walls, windows and ceilings



The items that occupy your space, like furniture and suggested artwork placement

What you get

Your Good Space Plan is comprehensive, precise and precisely right for your home. We also make it easy-to-follow and fun to execute. We tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, where to place it and most importantly where to purchase it. Then you implement your Good Space Plan on your schedule and as your budget allows.

Your Good Space Plan includes:

  • Specific, easy-to-follow design instructions. We tell you what to do and how to do it
  • A floor plan drawn to-scale that illustrates the arrangement of furniture
    and other objects in your space
  • A full lighting plan with complete product specifications
  • Color and material specifications for walls, ceilings, windows and floors
  • Detailed specifications of all furnishings, including brand and style, images and information on where to purchase the items
  • Fabric recommendations for all furniture, toss cushions and window treatments
  • How-to tips on everything from hanging art to light placement.
  • We’ll do our best to source items for you locally or from on-line suppliers
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How it works

An engaging and collaborative interior design joy ride, from beginning to end.

If you’re ready to answer a few questions, take some measurements and photographs, and you have basic computer skills, then you’re ready to work with us!

Working through your very own password-protected web page, we make it easy for you to complete these tasks before connecting with your dedicated Good Space designer.

Through a face-to-face Enlighten meeting on Skype or an ear-to-ear meeting over the phone, your Good Space designer will review all the information you’ve submitted. We’ll make sure we know everything we need to know about you and your home in order to create a plan that reflects you and your unique personality, style and space.

After we’ve created the initial designs for your Good Space Plan, we’ll set up a preview meeting to present them to you, using computer-screen sharing technology. This will give you an opportunity to provide feedback on it.

Once your Good Space Plan is complete, it will be delivered to you in a computer, iPad and smartphone friendly format. Then your designer will walk you through it, explaining your design plan step by step.

What it costs

It’s an investment in your home.

Good Space Plans give you professional design expertise, but save you money because you manage the implementation and installation yourself.

Think of your Good Space Plan as money spent now to avoid costly mistakes later. A paint color that looked so right on the chip but looks so wrong on your walls. A sofa that was perfect in the store but is way too big in your room.

With Good Space Plans, we take the guesswork out of great design.

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