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“Working with Good Space, everything is completed online at your own pace. From the initial interaction to the completion of my project, Good Space’s staff were inviting, approachable, professional, helpful, quick to respond and happy to have me as a client”

How It Works

The Good Space Plan Online process is divided into 3 distinct phases – Inform. Enlighten. Inspire.

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  • Tell us about how you live, work and play. Your INFORM meeting will give our professional design team all the information needed to create a plan that reflects your unique personality, needs and lifestyle.

  • The ENLIGHTEN phase is best described as your concept coming to life. Your Interior Designer will present your plan and review every detail, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

  • Your Good Space Plan is digitally delivered and creatively packaged with all the instructions, details and information needed to complete your space. Your INSPIRE presentation will help you to build confidence with your plan so that you can easily execute it step by step.

Pick your Good Space Plan

  • Office Space

    Ideal for your office or workspace at home or away from home.

    Spaces in your project:

    • Home Office


    • Workspace
  • More Space

    Ideal for your 2-bedroom apartment, condo, house or loft.

    Spaces in your project:

    • The entrance
    • Dining area
    • Living area
    • Primary bedroom
    • Guest bedroom
    • Freshen up for two bathrooms
  • Your Space

    Do you want a little more or a little less than our other options? No problem, you can do that here.

    Keep in mind;

    • When choosing this custom plan that a room is defined by its function not by the number of walls.

    For example:

    • A living room/dining room shared space is considered two rooms.

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What they say

Leanne McMaster
Leanne McMaster
06:13 28 Apr 23
I have worked with Good Space twice now, the most recent being a kitchen reno and they have been absolutely wonderful each time. I really appreciate the time they took to understand our family and what we wanted out of the space, both functionally and the feel we were hoping to get from it.They encouraged me to figure out what styles I liked (or didn't like) and then put it all together in a way that works! The options allowed for different price points and the final plan was so detailed our contractors knew exactly what we were looking for. Our new kitchen is perfect for us and we could not have done it without them. I would happily recommend Good Space to anyone looking for help with interior design.
Betty Hasker
Betty Hasker
02:30 15 Jan 23
Good Space Pans delivered the most beautiful, easy to follow plan. Working with their team has been amazing - they are creative, knowledgeable and so very talented! Their process made design phase seamless and the final design was amazing! They'd perfectly solved our space challenges and created a space beautifully designed for our lifestyle.We've watched it come together over time and are always excited to have another piece arrive and fit perfectly into place. Our home is warm, comforting, and gorgeous thanks to the Good Space team! Very grateful for their white glove service that made ordering and shipping a breeze! Highly recommend!!
Justin Lam
Justin Lam
15:54 24 Nov 22
When thinking about creating a space in your home there are so many variables and options. Without a lot of experience, this adventure can be daunting.Good Space takes the time to listen and really try to understand the needs of all parties. With careful consideration of space, use and budget, they are able to conceptualize options that help you achieve your goals for renovations.Having a plan allows us to budget better, be able to tackle the renovations in sections and to help us plan the aesthetics so we aren’t left running through Winners or Home Sense trying to find cushions that may work for decorations.They lay it all out beautifully and show you where to buy the items. From IKEA to custom made items Good Space is not afraid to think outside the box to help you achieve your dream renovation plans.
Hugo Migneron
Hugo Migneron
21:31 20 Oct 22
I had never worked with a designer before and wasn't entirely sure how it would go but I'm really glad I decided to work with them.From the get go, I felt like they understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and provided all the guidance I needed. The interactions were always warm and pleasant, each step was clearly defined and I was never overwhelmed by what was required from me. I'm thrilled with the plan they created for me and ultimately found the whole process to be enjoyable.
01:53 28 Sep 22
Dwaina and Molly helped me pull together a beautiful room and I enjoyed the process of selecting items. They helped me pare down the decisions and ultimately their relationship with various suppliers was also really helpful. I recommend using their online design services if you are on a budget and happy to do some of the work yourself!
Michelle Vela
Michelle Vela
20:12 10 Feb 22
I can't say enough good things about Good Space Plans Online. Molly and Dwaina were so kind and helpful. What sold me about hiring them was Molly's attitude when she reached out after I had requested an online quote. Her positive attitude and warmth really made me feel I was. understood.After my first meeting with Dwaina, she really took everything we asked for into consideration and came back with the perfect plan for our lifestyle.What I liked the most about my Good Space Plan, besides that it was incredibly detailed is that I had options and I can do it at my own space as budget permits! I highly recommend their services!
The Four of Us
The Four of Us
07:06 25 Nov 21
We used Good Space for interior design in our great room. The space was challenging because it is large and used by a busy family. Good space provided some great suggestions with links to suppliers that I found helpful for a timeless design that I am very proud of.
Irina Pravet
Irina Pravet
07:37 12 Nov 21
The Good Space team blew me away with the impact they had (& continue to have) on my home in just a short time-span. I'd been turning my wheels for 5+ years trying to shuffle furniture around our apartment but it wasn't until I connected with Dwaina & Molly that things began to fall into place! Working with professionals is such an impactful experience and the value is in a space I inhabit everyday; I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Now I'm writing this review perched on my couch, in my newly re-arranged living room and feeling very, very grateful. Thank you Good Space team - you rock 🙏🏼!
Debbie Lin
Debbie Lin
04:34 12 Nov 21
We have been working with Dwaina and Molly for almost 10 years. They helped us with the design of our 2 bedroom townhouse when my husband and I first got married. Fast forward a few years, they helped us again with our design needs when we bought our first house which we now live in with our 2 boys. Right now we are working with them to set up the perfect deck space for next summer ;-) These ladies are really great to work with. They are professional, super down to earth, honest, and warm. I feel like they are a big part of our family story. As for the actual design part, the spaces they have created for us are not only beautiful but functional. We definitely could not have done this on our own. I'd recommend them any day.
Farzad Abasi
Farzad Abasi
21:45 21 Oct 21
Good Space does an amazing job! We have used them twice in the past; at first for our condo redesign, and we were so impressed that we contacted them as soon as we moved our new house. Their designers worked with us to get an idea of what we wanted in an interior design plan for our homes. The Good Space Plans they provided us were easy to follow with all the details for the project. They picked out all the furniture, light fixtures, window coverings, paint/fabric colours, and other touches. They worked within our budget and provided us an itemized price list for all the furniture pieces. They also provided us with a detailed floor plan and guide on how to execute the design. The best part was that we were able tackle the project ourselves even without prior interior design experience.We highly recommend Good Space to anyone considering interior design work on their home.We loved the work that they did so much that we are now in the process of doing a complete renovation through their sister company Dwaina Sprague Interior Design.
Mark Orthodoxou
Mark Orthodoxou
00:27 21 Oct 21
Dwaina and Molly and the Good Space Online team did such a fantastic job designing, collaborating, helping secure trades, and furnishing my new living room and dining room. I love the space so much, as does any who drop by! I never could have created such a beautiful and functional space without them. The online approach is very straightforward, easy to work around demanding schedules, and still the whole time it felt like Good Space was in the room with me sharing their ideas.
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