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“Working with Good Space, everything is completed online at your own pace. From the initial interaction to the completion of my project, Good Space’s staff were inviting, approachable, professional, helpful, quick to respond and happy to have me as a client”

How It Works

The Good Space Plan Online process is divided into 3 distinct phases – Inform. Enlighten. Inspire.

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  • Tell us about how you live, work and play. Your INFORM meeting will give our professional design team all the information needed to create a plan that reflects your unique personality, needs and lifestyle.

  • The ENLIGHTEN phase is best described as your concept coming to life. Your Interior Designer will present your plan and review every detail, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

  • Your Good Space Plan is digitally delivered and creatively packaged with all the instructions, details and information needed to complete your space. Your INSPIRE presentation will help you to build confidence with your plan so that you can easily execute it step by step.

Pick your Good Space Plan

  • Office Space

    Ideal for your office or workspace at home or away from home.

    Spaces in your project:

    • Home Office


    • Workspace
  • More Space

    Ideal for your 2-bedroom apartment, condo, house or loft.

    Spaces in your project:

    • The entrance
    • Dining area
    • Living area
    • Primary bedroom
    • Guest bedroom
    • Freshen up for two bathrooms
  • Your Space

    Do you want a little more or a little less than our other options? No problem, you can do that here.

    Keep in mind;

    • When choosing this custom plan that a room is defined by its function not by the number of walls.

    For example:

    • A living room/dining room shared space is considered two rooms.

Do you have a renovation project? Good Space can help!


What they say

"We could not be happier with our Good Space Plan. The Good Space staff were so kind and helpful, and they really did an amazing job getting to know our tastes, and what we were looking for in our space ... or, more importantly, how we wanted the rooms to…

"Good Space team, I wanted to let you all know how happy Chris and I are with the design plan for our living room. We always wanted this room to finally “grow up”, but we never had the time to really pull it all together. Now that we have an…

“Working with Good Space on our new living room and foyer was really fun, and I appreciated that my input and contributions were respected throughout the process. One of the reasons I had hesitated hiring a designer before was because I didn’t know what I was committing to financially, or…

"Good design always starts with a good design. Good Space Plans cover all the elements of designing a space, but saves the client considerable expense because they implement it them self. The Good Space process really is ideal for those clients who appreciate good design, but find that hiring a…

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