3 Simple and Festive Tablescaping Tips to Amaze your Guests this Holiday Season

The dining room is for more than just family meals and hosting guests. It’s a place to enjoy the company of your friends, and your family… it’s a place to feel welcome and at home. This year, why not use the holidays as an opportunity to create a cozy atmosphere in this often-overlooked space? If you want to create a festive and cost-effective tablescape in your dining room, then you’re lucky, we have gathered the best tablescaping tips which will inspire you – which is especially important if you want to make your guests feel relaxed and filled with holiday cheer!

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3 Simple and Festive Tablescaping Tips to Amaze your Guests this Holiday Season

An elevated and elegant tablescape design. Image courtesy of Home with Holly

The three best tablescaping tips

1. Festive Mood Lighting

Lighting is the key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where conversations can last long into the night. To achieve this, make sure you add plenty of different sources of warm likes like tealights, candles and fairy lights to create a glowing harmony of multi-layered soft-focus.

Away from the table, place candle-filled lanterns, pillar candles or tapered candles on shelves or side tables, and hang Christmas or fairy lights around beams or in your windows to complement the subtle glow from tables candlelight perfectly and help create a fabulous, festive feel.

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3 Simple and Festive Tablescaping Tips to Amaze your Guests this Holiday Season

A warm and inviting rustic tablescape. Image courtesy: Unplash Libby Penner

2. Cover the Table with Christmas Joy!

When designing your tablescape, it is very important that the table runner stretches the full length of the table. A garland runner with candles, ornaments combined with cinnamon sticks is the perfect way to decorate your table without spending too much time or money! The combination of these beautiful natural textures is the secret to perfecting this look.

We love using greenery inside the house, not just outside. Fresh greenery is a nice and simple way to uncomplicate tablescaping, by choosing a pine or cedar garland, you’ll be adding a fragrant and festive layer to your home. Holly leaves and eucalyptus are also good alternatives that you can mix in to give a variation of texture and colour. The mantel and dining table, are great places to incorporate fresh greenery.

3 Simple and Festive Tablescaping Tips to Amaze your Guests this Holiday Season

A table-length runner, mixed with natural elements is key to achieving the most festive tablescape.
Image courtesy of Boxwood Avenue

3. Enhance your Ceiling Light

The last but not least tablescaping tips. Your ceiling pendant makes for the perfect place to hang some statement decor, especially if it’s over your dining table. You can keep it rustic and simple with tied foliage for a natural look, hanging fresh greenery and twigs accented with glittery ornaments and twine will offer a natural twist.

Another great way to add colour and festivity to your dining room pendant light is with paper decorations. Paper stars, bells, or snowflakes are a non-expensive and sustainable way to fill the walls with colour. Hang them from the ceiling beams, or pendant lights to elevate the holiday joy all evening!

When it comes to setting the table for a holiday gathering, there are many different ways to create a festive tablescape. In this post, we’ve shared some of our favourite tips that you can use as inspiration for your next holiday meal or party. We hope these ideas have been helpful!

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3 Simple and Festive Tablescaping Tips to Amaze your Guests this Holiday Season

Fresh greenery hung from your ceiling light will add delightful scents of evergreens.
Image courtesy of the Blesser House

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