5 Tips for the Perfect Home Office Design

For most, an extra bedroom to convert into a full-sized home office is few and far between – especially in our hometown of Vancouver. But with a few simple design tips and tricks, there are many ways to convert any space into a calming, ergonomic productivity multipurpose space.

Whether it’s a corner of your living room, a large closet, the side of your stairs, or a nook with a view, we’ve compiled our best design tips to help you achieve the perfect home office that inspires productivity, sparks creativity, and supports work-life balance.

Here are our top 5 expert tips to come up with a beautiful home office design.

1. Don’t work in your bedroom

If you’re strapped for space in your home, you may consider setting up base in your bedroom. Our advice? Don’t do it. Working from your bedroom can actually contribute to poor sleep, as your body starts to associate your bedroom with work, instead of sleep. Sleep experts agree that for a better night’s sleep, reserve your bedroom for sleep and intimacy, not for work.

2. Repainting? Choose earth tones

Are you feeling the urge to paint your work area? Consider choosing a colour that inspires you, makes you happy, or makes you feel at ease. Shades of blue evoke calm and productivity and help to brighten up a space, while those who find their happiness outdoors may find a shade of green more enticing. You can also add these earth-toned elements through decor, plants, or your favorite antiques to make your space a calm, comfortable area to work from.

Home Office Design

Earth tones and elements invoke calm and productivity.

3. Separate your space with a room divider

With limited space, you might find yourself making use of little nooks and crannies. Find a cozy corner of an existing room or table and add a visual separator from the rest of the room. A foldable room divider is great, because you can fold it up at the end of the day and enjoy time with the family together.

4. Get comfy

Comfort is everything when you’re working. If you’re sitting at a desk for hours at a time, opt for a chair that is ergonomically designed. If you enjoy working from a more relaxed position, consider adding a couch or comfy chair away from your desk to mix things up.

Home Office Design

Get comfy with different working options that allow you to switch it up. Designed by Good Space Plans Online.

5. Get a second opinion

We spend so much time in our homes that it can be difficult to see our space in any other way. Bringing in a professional interior designer can help you find the best place to set up your home office.

To help get you fully settled into your at-home work-life, we’re now offering Single Space Creative Consultations, for those looking to transform their flex spaces into dedicated and personalized workspaces. These new Creative Consultations include an Inform Call and Creative Preview Package to help get you started. Contact us today to book your consultation.

Past Good Space Home Office Projects

Tranquil Home Office Overlooking Okanagan Lake

Home Office Design

Tranquil Home Office Overlooking Okanagan Lake. Kelowna, BC (2016). Design by Dwaina Sprague Interior Design.

This beautiful workspace fits with everything and has a view! Built-in cabinets are the ultimate space saver, while the open, well-lit shelves beautifully display all our clients’ books and prized possessions. Having recently retired, our clients wanted their new Kelowna lakefront property to be modern, simple, and clean, while still retaining the warmth of their previous traditional home. This second-floor open workspace is perfect for all sorts of post-retirement projects. Check out the full project here

Mature Home Office with Built-in Desk

Home Office Design

Mature Home Office with Built-in Desk. Vancouver, BC (2015). Design by Dwaina Sprague Interior Design.

Designed for a family of “almost empty nesters”, this mature home office with a stunning wood built-in desk has no shortage of storage. The earth tones of stone greys and wood provide a calming space to put your head down and get some work done. Check out the full project here

Bright Office Den Overlooking the City

Home Office Design

Bright office den overlooking city. Vancouver, BC (2011). Design by Good Space Plans Online.

If you’re short on square footage, why not opt for a room with a view? We set our clients up with a bright, well-lit workspace in their downtown condo. The large windows and natural light in this room make this bonus den a perfect space to think up your best ideas! Further, feel free to ask for help from GoodSpace. Our team holds online interior design sessions in the pandemic.

Simple, Tucked-Away Corner Workspace

Home Office Design

Simple, tucked-away corner workspace. Vancouver, BC (2020). Design by Dwaina Sprague Interior Design.

Any flex space can be turned into a beautiful workspace! With a growing family with many interests and hobbies, our clients needed their open basement to serve many purposes: a guest room, craft area, TV room, music room, and home office. Making use of the cutest little nook, we converted this flex space into a fully functional workspace with a work station that offers the peace and quiet of a home office, while still close enough to the rest of the family. Check out the full project here

Walk-In Pantry x Home Office Combo

This stunning walk in pantry home office combo is the ultimate food bloggers paradise. We combined our clients’ love for food with their passion for work to create this built-in desk, perfect for meal planning and recipe searching. We can only dream of the recipes made in this space!

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