A Design filled day in Hudson Yards, NYC.

AhhNew York City…“The city that never sleeps”. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. There’s always something to do, see, or eat at all times of the day! After four days in this bustling city, I did feel a tad exhausted, but also completely in love with this dazzling place. Hudson Yards especially. 

For any design lovers checking out the city, I strongly suggest spending a day in Hudson Yards and make sure to check out the following:

The Vessel

new-york-the-vesselHead down to Hudson Yards and check out the new Vessel, an interactive building that is intended to be climbed. It’s a feat of impressive engineering. Staircases circle around a centre point allowing one to climb to the top and offers remarkable views of the city. Make sure to bring your walking shoes.

Mercado Little Spain

After all that climbing, it’s time to hydrate and grab a quick snack for both your eyes and taste buds. Down below in a beautifully designed Spanish market, full of the freshest Spanish treats.  Here you can find bars, restaurants and unique kiosks in both design and taste! Churros, ice cream, hams, cheeses from all around the world. You can find it all. Yum!

Highland Park

After you grabbed a bite to eat, take a walk down highland park and keep your eyes peeled for all the beautiful architecture that surrounds the city. The path stretches from Hudson Yards to the Whitney Museum in the south. It is a beautiful 2.5km walk with stunning views of the city! The path used to be a train rack and has been converted to a beautifully maintained garden and walking path.
Tip: Try to go when it’s not too sunny as this path is loved by all
With NYC being beautiful all times of the year and having so much design inspiration to offer, it’s good to find one place chock-full of design goodies. I highly recommend Hudson Yards as a go-to for all your design inspiration just  like Art Vancouver event. It’s a shame that I couldn’t squeeze every bit of New York in four days, but this weekend has just made me more enthused for my next trip back.