Interior Design for Small Spaces – Part 3 – Design of your bedroom in a small space


Design of your bedroom in a small space

This is the third part of interior design for small spaces series


When it has integrated storage! How much stuff is under your bed? True confessions are that mine doesn’t have an inch of space left under there! That is why we love a lift storage bed – these add an amazing amount of storage and function in the design of your bedroom in a small space. The reason a lift storage bed is usually the best option for small spaces is that it goes up and not out like drawers. Storage beds with drawers when opened require space around the bed, often in small spaces this isn’t possible. Well designed lift storage beds allow some toe space under them. If you have ever smashed your toes on the bed you will know what we mean.  There are wood and upholstered options so lots of creative possibilities.

Tip: A lighter weight mattress is best for a storage bed – especially a king! 

Where does my coffee go?



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Bedside tables also have potential for storage. The key is get the height right – you don’t want to reach up from your mattress to your bedside table top. These can be freestanding or wall mounted – we think the surfaces should be durable or at least have a tray for protecting the top from a hot coffee mug – because a cozy coffee or tea in bed is the best!

Bedside lighting is for next week…
Your bedroom or your sleeping space is a sacred space and worth taking the time to select the best things for you and your bedroom experiences. Make the most when putting effort into the bedroom design.

Finally, it’s worth saying if you have planned to design your kids rooms, reading furniture & kids – Buy High, Wash Hands.

Next week: let’s talk about Lighting…