Why The Expert? DJ Experts Bring You Toe-Tapping Playlist

It’s cocktail time and your friends are descending on your place in 10 min. You have everything prepped… the hors d’oeuvres, the cocktail of the evening, the flowers… but you need to round out the situation with a great, toe-tapping playlist. Not to worry, here at Good Space we always have your host-with-the-most-best-foot-forward in mind. Check out what the DJ experts at 8tracks have in store. We recommend ‘House of Ice’ a playlist tagged with ‘deep house, chill, majestic and dance’. So go ahead, complete your perfection… Take off your apron, slip into your stilettos, click on the House of Ice link above and let the party happen. The toe-tapping  playlist always works.

As you might know we shared some music playlist before. Let us briefly review each.

  1. Summer 2015 playlist: What I want from summer are a cold summer lemonade drink (follow the 6-step process to make the best drink ever)  and chilling kinds of musics. In this playlist, we listed 8 tracks to lift you up.
  2. The perfect playlist to sip hot drinks: Just click for the perfect playlist to lose yourself in…..

Remember this, music is love. Love is music.

If you have any chilling and energetic music suggestions, let us know. Sharing is caring.

Toe-tapping Playlist