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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can you really design my space without being in it?

Absolutely. The Good Space Plans Online process ensures we capture all the details of what you want to achieve in designing your space. Our interior designers are professionals, trained to understand space and the functional needs of a room. All we need from you are accurate room measurements, detailed photos of your space and the time to connect to get to know you, your style, lifestyle and preferences.

2. What does my Good Space Plan include?

+ A floor plan that illustrates the arrangement of furniture and lighting in your space. Specific, easy-to-follow design instructions.

+ Detailed specifications of all items, including brand and style, images and information on where to purchase.

+ Digital plan to have with you while you shop.

+ A full lighting plan with complete product specifications.

+ Fabric recommendations for all furniture, toss cushions and window treatments.

+ Suggested placement of your existing large scale artwork.

+ How-to tips on everything from hanging art to light placement.

+ We’ll do our best to source items for you locally or from on-line suppliers.

3. What is not included in the price of my Good Space Plan?

Your Good Space Plan does not include exact artwork specifications or specific styling suggestions. What this means is that we specify what size your artwork should be and where it should go, however, we don’t specify exactly what kind of art you should buy. We also don’t tell you where to place your knick-knacks, chachkas, doo-dads, and collections, we leave those details in your hands. We want your space to truly reflect you.

The fees also do not include support once your Good Space Plan has been delivered. You can find additional help through our Private Facebook community or you can purchase more time with us through our Concierge Service. We’re always here to help.

4. If I change my mind after I’ve paid my deposit, can I cancel my Good Space Plan?

Yes. Your fees are 100% refundable up until your first creative session (Inform Meeting) with your Good Space Plans Online Interior Designer. If you cancel your plan after your Inform Meeting and the interior design work has started, the first one-third deposit is non-refundable.

5. Once the process is started, how much time do I have to provide the required information to Good Space Plans Online prior to meeting with my Interior Designer?

We ask that you complete the tasks in your customized portal and provide us with all the necessary information within 2 weeks of purchase. Of course, you are able to request additional time if needed. Please contact your concierge for more information regarding the fees for extending your project timeline.

6. What if the item specified in my Good Space Plan becomes unavailable or out of stock?

We’ve got you covered. You have a Good Space Plan that empowers you to find and select an item with a similar look, style and size.

7. What if I can’t afford to do or buy the things in my Good Space Plan all at once?

No problem. Total flexibility is one of the best things about your Good Space interior design plan! You get to purchase the items at your own pace and as your budget allows.

8. Will you help set up my home entertainment system or audio/video equipment?

Unfortunately, we don’t handle electronics set up, however, we will place your equipment in your Function Plan if you include the dimensions and details of each component. We’re also happy to provide you with a checklist for sourcing the right help to re-install your gear once your design plan is complete.

9. Do I have access to my Good Space Interior Designer after receiving my final plan?

Once you’ve received your final Good Space Plan, you are ready to start implementing. You no longer have access to your Interior Designer but you may purchase additional design meetings through our Concierge Service. You’ll also find lots of additional support by interacting with our Good Space Plans Online Private Facebook Community!

10. Can I make changes to my plan?

Your Good Space Plan has been thoughtfully designed to create the best solution for your space. Once your plan is delivered, you become your own Project Manager. You can make changes but keep in mind that one change often affects many others so we ask that you please choose carefully.  It’s also possible to re-engage your Designer to work through these changes with you. Simply purchase additional design meetings through our Concierge Service.

11. How long will I have access to My Good Space web portal after my plan is delivered?

Your password protected portal will stay active for 60 days after receiving your completed Good Space online plan.

12. What is a Functional Fix Up?

A “Functional Fix-Up” means we choose fresh new finishes for the walls, we suggest what you can do for your existing cabinets and layout. We will choose new plumbing and light fixtures. We will suggest anything else we think might make you feel like getting back in that space and loving it without a renovation. Reach out to us if you want to discuss a renovation.

13. What is the Concierge Service?

When life gets busy, we are here to support you with our Concierge Service. It’s our super helpful virtual assistant that will offer extra support as you fill out, upload, organize and label information on your password-protected portal. The fee for your Concierge Service: $80/hour – this service has a 3-hour minimum.


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