Furniture & Kids – Buy High, Wash Hands

As much as you might think it is good value to buy cheap furniture because you have kids it isn’t. I say buy sturdy and durable, this usually means you spend more money, and the furniture will stand the test of time.

My daughter in law has the first brand new grown up sofa I ever bought (1983 – recovered in 1990), and my grandson uses it as a trampoline (he is two) and it still looks pretty good and as a bonus large cabbage rose fabric is so hot right now…When my grandson is older/heavier he will not be jumping on it but for now he is learning and the sofa is standing up to that process as well as it did with my kids.

Furniture & Kids

Remember this sentence about furniture & kids: The furniture shapes the body of your home while the kids are the souls. Undoubtedly, you know body and soul are two inseparable concepts.

Tip of the day: It is easier to wash a kids hands than a sofa.

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