Interior design for small spaces – A Good Space Plans Online Four Part Series – Part 1

What We Think About When We Design Your Small Spaces


Interior design for small spaces

At Good Space we love to think about you, your home and your comfort there! So we always start with getting to know you! 

The first part of interior design in small spaces series.

Let’s begin to get to know you

It is important, to be honest about how you live – is it you and Netflix at home or do you have people in for dinner or social events or sports nights? Do you have pets, kids, an entourage? A deep dive into your lifestyle and heartfelt needs in your home is the most important place to start when designing any space especially if it is small. Professional interior design for small spaces helps to maximize your area.


Interior design for small spaces


Thinking of you and your needs rather than what may impress others or look like a magazine photo takes a bit of focus on your part but will be worth it when you you feel genuinely welcomed every time you come home! When we are working with clients through this phase we call it the Inform phase – it is the most important part of the collaborative design process.

Comfort First




Interior design for small spaces

No matter how many people (or pets) are in your home the plan should be for them to be comfortable – we are passionate about people first in a space- we always try to maximize the seating and the function of a space no matter the size.

How to Maximize Seating


Interior design for small spaces

When we are space planning a room we select the largest possible sofas and chairs and make sure they don’t have fat arms or thick backs. This leaves the remaining area of the piece for people or pets…. because  that is what really matters in your space no matter how big or small it is!

Where does your drink go?


Interior design for small spaces

We always allow space for side tables because we believe every seat in a living area should have a place to set a drink or a book. Narrow side tables are the best way to create a comfortable living room design. As the concept of living with less catches on the options for these small versatile tables is getting better every day!

Next week: more about furniture…