Artisans to Watch – A Word from Our Creative Director …

Probably because I was around during the 60s and early 70s when I macraméd away hours of my life … I love pottery and especially mugs … I am most attracted to simple shapes and glazes. Clean and modern is so lovely done with a primitive material like clay.  A mug is a perfect gift for me. My colorful mugs are my favourite things.

The fantastic mugs

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LOW CUPS A ten ounce cup for coffee, cocoa, latte. $38 on

I came across these fantastic mugs by Illinois potter Paul Eshelman, founder of Eshelman Pottery. In his work, I see a strong West Coast esthetic. I love the glaze and clay combination. The short cozy looking shape of the pictured mugs makes me want to touch and wrap my hands around them. They add a tactile experience which is what I love about drinking from handmade pottery.

Paul Eshelman , the founder

Eshelman received his BA in Art from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, where he was strongly influenced by the interest in Asian art and craft.  “I was especially interested in the pottery of Japan … the Japanese love of material and respect for careful craftsmanship has informed my clay work since,” says Eshelman. Anyone would love to receive this perfect gift for any occasion, but with Christmas coming, you can bet these are on my list. They can be purchased here in Vancouver at Kosai Modern or buy them directly from Eshelman Pottery. 

perfect gift

Large Mug All Lines $39.00 Size: 3.25″ dia, 12 oz Designed in 2003 for the avid coffee/tea drinker.

I also love anything and everything by San Francisco based Heath Ceramics. Founded in 1948  by Edith Heath, this once small company has grown with demand for it’s quality post-war product. Now employing over 60 craftspeople, original pieces designed by Edith now sit in world class museums such as the MoMA. Available through our friends at Provide in Vancouver –  this large mug is very appealing in its shape and size and it comes in two colours as well as solids.


Ann Maliatski’s mugs

perfect gift

Wheel thrown contemporary pottery mug from Golem’s new collection of tableware and home decor. $25 on Etsy.

Local Vancouver potter Ann Maliatski designed this textural mug that is warm and inviting; the perfect addition to your morning routine. Maliatski’s company Golem Designs have wonderful pieces on Etsy with the added bonus of customized items to fit your every need. If you live in Vancouver, Golem Designs will be one of the exhibitors in the upcoming East Van Cultural Crawl November 2014. If you live in Vancouver, make sure to pen it in because the East Van Cultural Crawl is not to be missed if you want to discover new, talented artisans or see what your favourites have been up to. perfect gift