Greg & Brian

Small Condo, Big Dog.

One thing that surprised us is I think we had a misconception that interior design was for the super rich. This is one of the reasons we never hired an interior designer before. Turns out, it was an affordable interior design option, we could fit it into our budget, and they were willing to take on a small job.

A few things had to remain from the client’s old space – a pottery collection that was always on display and the artwork hanging on the walls. Extra special consideration was given when choosing surfaces, especially flooring, as they needed to stand up to the wear and tear of Toby, the couple’s beloved 9 year old Labradoodle. Improvements in lighting for the space, originally described by our client as being something out of a “Dickens era novel”, was an important aesthetic consideration in the design plan.

When we look around the home now, it feels very much like we always wanted it to be. All the spaces have been addressed. Comfortable and cohesive. And it’s our style too.