Solving the Design Puzzle.

When we first saw the Good Space Plan we were really blown away. We were very impressed by the amount of work and effort it obviously took to put it together. They definitely got us.

The only piece we needed to consider in our interior design plan was a beautiful, light brown colored grand piano that our client had since childhood.Our client’s goal was to walk away from the Good Space process feeling confident to make the right interior design decisions for their space – with colour, fabric and furniture. Based on their answers to our extensive questionnaire and collaboration during our virtual meetings, we successfully designed a plan reflecting their “we love to stay home” lifestyle.

I think the Good Space plan is unique because it’s like a recipe book that you follow. You’re not going to make any serious mistakes that are going to cost money. You have the confidence to buy what will fit into the room properly. You’re not going to be floundering out there on your own.

I love coming home. It feels complete. We feel proud.