Rough Week? Create a relaxation room to chill yourself out

Step 3 of 3 To Chill In Your Castle and Turn Around that Rough Week

Create A Relaxation Room

Relaxation roomYou have a nice glass of wine, the great music and lights are low. Now you need an area that you can truly relax in.

Paint Palette: Consider which colors make you feel the most serene. Colors that appear in nature can be warm like driftwood or cool like the winter sky. What is a shade that you relate to? That relaxes you?

De-Clutter: A cluttered room can remind you of your cluttered mind. Set your senses free and keep clutter to a minimum. If you must have those chachkas keep them all on one shelf and arrange them artfully (more on that in later post).

Fabric Textures: Pillows, throws and upholstery should be soft and easy to lounge on. Whenever you are testing something think if you could laze the afternoon away on it.

Floor Coverings: Does it feel good on bare feet? Does it make you want to kick off your shoes?

Does thinking about these things make your right brain hurt? Is this something that you love the thought of but it’s just not in your DNA to design a relaxation room? Not to fret, these are all things that are covered in our Good Space Plan online interior design. To develop your serenity room, click here to get started…