Our Story

Do you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the infinite style and design options and are you scared to spend money on the wrong stuff?

We get you!

Good Space Plans Online offers a unique and easy-to-follow design that you complete as your time and money allow. Our team of experienced, design professionals are delighted to support you through this creative process to turn the vision you have for your space into reality.

Let’s Rewind…

We started Good Space in 2005 because, after working in the industry for several years doing full-service design work, we wanted to take the mystery out of interior design and make this whole “designing your home” thing more transparent and accessible with our Good Space Plans. Originally we offered them in-person with our Vancouver clients and in 2014 we moved the Plans online so that we could offer Good Space Plans coast-to-coast! And in 2017, Good Space Plans moved exclusively online. What remains constant is our commitment to making sure our Good Space clients understand the process and the product that they are paying for. With an approach that is always focused on them, our clients feel listened to and fully engaged in their Good Space Plan experience.

What we will do for you.

We’re on a mission. Our mission is to connect people to a world of interior design that’s more approachable, accessible and fun. We find solutions to the things that are stressing you out about your home and while we do that, we make your space beautiful. Your home becomes a place to thrive, where you feel nurtured and rejuvenated so you can use your precious time and energy on the worthwhile things in your life.

At Good Space we do interior design, and we do it differently.

Our process ensures your Plan truly reflects you, your tastes and the way you live. No matter what the size or the shape of the project you will have everything you need to implement your Plan.

Our goal is to help you turn your dreams for your space into reality. 

Dwaina Sprague

Owner and Principal Designer

I believe it is a tragic waste of your precious energy, worrying over buying a sofa,  hating things in your home, fretting about your space or bringing in bags of chachkas from Home Sense as you try to gain some sense of beauty and comfort in your space. I also believe interior design can change your life. Well more accurately, you can change your life but interior design can help once you decide you need it, because the intent of good design is to make things better, more functional and ideally more beautiful.

I have been helping people improve their experience of home for the past 20 years or so. I studied interior design at BCIT and everyday since then has been a learning experience. One that thankfully never ends. I have designed countless spaces, raised four children, had a few pets, downsized and through all that have developed a deep compassion for the challenges people face with change and the daily push and pull of life.

I ran a small design business when my kids were young, then expanded my business and created Good Space in 2005. Throughout those years interior design was considered a luxury service and for most people it was full of mystery and myth. My vision was to make interior design available to a much larger group of people. Through the wonder of technology, my dream is at hand and we can create for you online the way we have traditionally done in person. I am so excited for this next phase of my design life by serving people who have a greater vision for their home life than complaining about the pile of shoes at the front door… let’s get to work!