The Best Job in The World

How would you like to get paid to travel the world looking for weird and interesting finds? This is exactly what Keith Johnson, buyer at large for Anthropologie does and we think it could possibly be the best job in the world.

Best Job in the world- Keith Johnson, buyer at large, Anthropology and star of 'Man Shops Globe'. Photo courtesy Sundance Channel.

Keith Johnson, buyer at large, Anthropologie and star of ‘Man Shops Globe’. Photo courtesy Sundance Channel.

‘Man Shops Globe’ is Johnson’s adventures, a Sundance Original Series; pure eye candy for those who love to travel, shop and travel treasures hunt. Check out the clip we found of Johnson touring a delightful antique shop in England which houses immense collections specializing in kitchen and dining but only ‘rents’ out pieces for people to emulate. Or this group of clips while he tours Tunisia with Anthropologie’s Creative Director.  Apart from curating objects for his employer, Keith’s Manhattan apartment showcases his creative prowess in bringing ‘found’ objects home and making them work together, check out the photographs here.

Image from Johnson's NY Apartment courtesy of Elle Decor. Note the mix of French Provincial, 60's style coffee table, and canary yellow arts and crafts settee flanked by original photograph by Anna-Aaija Aarras

Image from Johnson’s NY Apartment courtesy of Elle Decor.