The Top 6 Bedroom Design Trends for 2023

We spend a large portion of every 24-hour day in our bedroom. Doesn’t it make sense that it’s designed in a way that brings us comfort and relaxation?

So often, the bedroom is the last room we think about decorating or designing because it’s not a room that others generally see. That shouldn’t stop you from making it your perfect oasis for the end of a long day!


Here are 6 six bedroom design trends we’re following for 2023:

Clean and Green

So many home decor trends, bedrooms included, are going clean and green. We don’t mean the colour green, necessarily. We mean rooms free of clutter and that utilize eco-friendly features or materials. Live plants can also bring a “green” and fresh atmosphere. If possible, choose one of these air-purifying plants (according to NASA researchers). 

To bring more eco-conscious decor and design into the bedroom, focus on items that are:

  • Small-batch made (rather than mass-produced from big box stores).
  • Locally made decor.
  • Made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, cotton (linens), rattan or FSC-Certified wood, clay, and stone.

Accent Walls

An accent wall in the bedroom is a great way to add dimension to your space without committing to painting the whole room. In the bedroom, your accent wall will usually be above your bed (if it’s not, your bed may not be against the right wall). 

Your accent wall can be a different paint colour, stylish wallpaper, wood panelling or shiplap, or an oversized modern tapestry.

Elegant headboards

Headboards are in for 2023, especially upholstered ones. In your bedroom, the headboard acts as a grounding and focal point, so take advantage of its status and ensure it helps to centre your space and theme. 

Use your headboard design to inspire the rest of your room. This may inspire a colour scheme, style, material, or texture. You can also combine your headboard and accent wall to make it a more dominant focus in the room.

Statement Lighting

Bedroom space is at a premium. We want it to fit all our essential furniture without looking cluttered. One way to reduce the feeling of busyness in the bedroom is by using pendant lighting rather than a table or floor lamp. This includes your primary lighting source and replacing bedside table lights with pendants. 

Consider adding smart and dimmable lighting to your bedroom (another growing trend in home lighting). With Philips Hue lights, for example, you replace your typical bulb with the hue light and can control it from your smartphone, wall light switch, or a remote. This allows you to personalize your lighting based on the time of day or the mood. You can also set routines where the lights slowly brighten (mimicking a natural sunrise) when you need to wake up or can be scheduled to turn on and off while you’re away (so it looks like someone is home).

Oversized artwork

Don’t forget the artwork in your room. Wall art is a great way to fill up unutilized wall space. We like choosing one oversized piece of artwork, usually over the bed. If wall art isn’t your style, you can select another large art piece, like a sculpture, for your bedroom. Make sure you choose one that matches the style of your room, so it doesn’t look out of place. 

We like sourcing wall art from local artisans. They create one-of-a-kind pieces or can commission something unique that speaks to you. Working with local artists is a great way to support local makers.

Colour trends

Colour is always a key interior design element for every room in your home. In your bedroom, you can use colour to provide accents to swap out as colour trends or your tastes change. For example, showing pops of colour in an otherwise neutral-coloured room in your linens and throw pillows are an excellent choice. 

In 2023, we’re predicting many colours to be popular in bedrooms across the country:

  • Teal: The perfect mix of green and blue, teal creates a calm feeling yet is also bold and full of warmth. Be bold and paint your walls (or an accent wall in teal, or pull in this beautiful colour through your decor and linens). 
  • Burgundy: Burgundy is not too masculine or feminine. Small splashes of burgundy accents in your bedroom pair well with white-, silver-, or gold-coloured furniture. Combine it with teal or a regal look. Adding Burgundy to your room adds a touch of high class and sophistication. 
  • Black (but not too much): Black is a classic colour that seems to always be in style. This year, though, we’re seeing more subtle black accents in bedroom designs. When designing for small bedrooms, small pops of black (bedposts, curtains, or drawers, make the room feel larger yet more intimate. You can also have a black-and-white theme for a different balance. 
  • Warm Terracotta: Bring the warming feel of terracotta to your bedroom. We’re not talking about filling your bedroom with terracotta planters and decor. We’re saying bring in the feminine pink hues of terracotta in your linens, wall art, and rugs. These pinks help brighten up a room during the day and can be paired with other natural colours like tan and beige to balance the decor.

Is your bedroom ready for a reimagining?

If you’ve left the bedroom for last, now is the time to design it to match your style and create the perfect oasis to retire to at the end of your busy day. The team at GSPO can help you design your bedroom using the latest trends, timeless classic styles, or something uniquely your own. 

View our interior design plans and contact us today to start designing the bedroom of your dreams!