Top 5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Dream Patio

Designing your ideal patio space can be a fun and rewarding process. By taking the time to plan and design your perfect patio, you can create a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

 You have a beautiful backyard and warm summer evenings ahead of you. Now is the time to celebrate both these blessings and make the most of them — by sprucing up your patio space! Setting up your patio forms an integral part of completing your home’s landscape design. And it comes without saying that it boosts the resale value of your home, too.

At Good Space Plans, we believe in making interior design more accessible for the average person, one step at a time. This blog post aims to share our insights on patio design with you, so you are a few steps closer to attaining your dream patio.

If you’re ready to spruce-up your space, here are our top 5 must have considerations when designing your dream patio.

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If you see yourself hosting events in your outdoor space – make sure it’s versatile with different structured sections, while having enough space and seating for your guests. Photo from our Palm Springs Vacation Project

1. Go Big On Functionality

Your patio should meet all your functional needs. And clearly, these are specific to your (and your family’s) personal needs. So, brainstorm your lifestyle and requirements to first set out the intended purpose of your patio. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How often do you see yourself using your patio? Everyday, weekly, or monthly?
  • What aesthetic and overall style do you wish to achieve?
  • Do you wish to use your patio merely as a quiet spot to enjoy the sounds of nature while reading a book? Or do you see yourself hosting large gatherings?
  • What features do you wish to include? A grill, swimming pool, firepit, an outdoor kitchen — the list goes on and on!

Bonus points if you extend the usability of the area so it meets your needs year-round. For example, if you’re in the lower mainland you may consider a tinted overhead patio cover to protect you from rain but also acts as a shade for those sunny summer days.

Using Pinterest to create a mood board for your designs is a perfect way to draw inspiration for what you want in your home. Check out our Patios and Backyard Board to find inspiration!

2. Find Inspiration

Once you have your mind set on what you want from your patio, it’s time to find inspiration. And the best place to find inspiration is right in your hand! Hop onto social media platforms to find profiles that share backyard design ideas. Better yet, surf through ideas on Instagram, TikTok  and/or Pinterest, saving the designs you like. 

When you’ve collected a good amount of styles and designs, go through them to see the patterns, colours, and items that repeat. These are the ones you resonate with the most and should consider incorporating. You can also look through home decor magazines and visit friends’ places for inspiration and suggestions.

Having your outdoor space optimized for your needs, and activities will create an outdoor oasis you’ll never want to leave! Photo from our Palm Springs Vacation Project.

3. Decide The Dream Feature & Accessories

The dream feature is what you want the focal point of your patio to be. A grilling station, fire pit, or perhaps a water feature? Your selection will serve its elementary purpose while taking the patio design project to another level in terms of aesthetics.

You are then required to build the rest of the decor and accessories around this feature. From tiki torches and hammocks to umbrellas and planters, there are plenty of options to choose from.

An outdoor kitchen is every Dad’s, or grill master’s dream. It’s the perfect space for entertaining, and enjoying your outdoor space.

4. Don’t Forget Storage Spaces

You may brush off the thought of storage — but having guests over and no blankets at hand as the night gets cooler will remind you why you need it!

Storage doesn’t always have to be huge bins that disturb the traffic flow and visual aesthetics of your space. In fact, it can be in much more versatile forms. For example, tables with built-in storage compartments are perfect to store blankets and other textiles.

You can also opt for wall-mounted storage cabinets that come in handy for gardening tools, while an old planter repurposed as an aesthetic storage bin would be the perfect decor addition to that empty corner in your patio!

Having a covered patio will allow you to soak up the most of your outdoor space, year-round no matter the weather.

5. Put Thought Into Design Considerations

Remember, your patio isn’t just about aesthetics. The design should also be practical, well-thought out, and perfectly usable year-round. 

An essential aspect of practicality is taking care of drainage. Poor drainage can result in washed-out bases and cracking. If your patio easily collects water build-ups, direct water away from the space by creating sloping channels filled with gravel. If you’re installing a new patio, allow a professional to have a look and figure out drainage issues caused by your landscape.

Additionally, opt for clear (or less bulky) rails so you can enjoy vistas of the landscapes beyond. You may want to skip rails altogether if your home is at ground level, but be sure to use these if it’s high (and you have little ones around)!

6. Ready To Design Your Dream Patio?

Setting up your patio is a must this summer; it allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard all while sharing stories with loved ones on warm summer evenings. Best case scenario — you set up an outdoor kitchen and cook your meals outdoors, too!

Keep in mind these top 5 tips for designing your dream patio, as discussed in this blog post, and design a patio you’ll never want to leave! If you want to skip to the good part, contact us at Good Space Plans Online today! ​​

Good Space is here to put your vision into a comprehensive design plan that’ll give you everything you need to be able to get you maxing and relaxing in our outdoor space ASAP! Ready to get started? Let’s turn your dream patio into a reality before the leaves change colour!