Update – Kids Acting Out? Kids Theatre School

A couple of posts ago we talked about kids theatre schools across Canada (https://www.goodspaceplan.com/blog/kids-acting-out-get-them-into-kids-theatre-school/). Well we have an update… #AxelVal is a Good Space kid that signed up with his cousin, Moses for Theatre Carousel, a kids theatre school on Granville Island. Here is a pic of them at the final production where Axel played Prince Hans and his cousin was the ‘applause’ guy.


theatre school

#theatrecarousel 7year old production. From left: Princess (future Reese Witherspoon), Prince #AxelVal and Cousin Moses as ‘the applause guy’

The school was a great experience and the kids loved it. An added bonus was that it got the family down to Granville Island every Sunday to enjoy some great food, excellent produce and sea air. We highly recommend trying if you have kids that think their life is a stage.  Carousel has summer camps happening July thru August and then back to the regular Weekend schedule in the fall. See you there! And if you look further, Art Vancouver is an annual event to participate in. To be short, art Vancouver is featured work by several Canadian artists. The Canadian and international artists share an inspiring piece of paintings every year. If you have been there before, share your experience with us.