Welcome to Good Ideas


We’ve got a problem. Well, not really a problem as much as an addiction. And not really an addiction as much as an unyielding fascination with the world of design and a steadfast commitment to help people have the homes they’ve always dreamed of. It could be worse.

This collective passion for design and for the concept of home binds us together, but also sends us wandering. We are constantly looking around, discovering and collecting new ideas.  We feel compelled to share them with our clients and anyone else who might find them meaningful.

And so, we have created Good Ideas: a dedicated space on our website that will be filled with our latest discoveries relating to the wonderful world of interior design. Here we’ll share things that are delighting our designers. We’ll showcase products or retailers that we’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with. We’ll provide useful tips and instruction. And our principal designer, Dwaina Sprague, will share her unique perspective on good design, our relationships with our homes and the art of living.

We encourage you to check out this area of our website regularly to be enlightened and inspired. And once a month, we’ll pull together the most exciting elements of Good Ideas and send them out in a newsletter. So make sure you receive it by signing up in the space provided below. If you need help in interior design, book an online interior design session with us.