Why hiring an interior designer is cheaper (and better) than DIY

Many feel they’re instant experts after watching several home design shows on HGTV, YouTube, and Pinterest. While these are great places to get inspiration and learn what NOT to do, they usually can’t replace the expert eye of a professional interior designer. 

Whether you want to make your home more beautiful and functional for your family or to stage your home for sale, hiring an interior designer is an investment that will save you time, money, and stress!

In this article, we’ll share why hiring a professional interior designer is cheaper (and better) than attempting a DIY home design makeover. 

It can save you time

It’s very time-consuming to devise a plan and go shopping for the right decor and products for your interior design project. You’ll likely spend a lot of time researching the benefits and features of different materials, whereas a designer knows immediately and can recommend the best options for your home. Also, when you hire a designer who is experienced and confident in their skills and knowledge, they’re not likely to hesitate or waffle about options, like you might on your own.

A professional can look at the whole project objectively and help you make decisions much faster than if you tried to do it alone.

It can save you money

Yes, you’ll be paying a fee for your designer’s time on your home or project, but it’s likely to even out in the end because they can source the most cost-effective options for you and your budget. They often have access to purchasing power you can’t get unless you’re in the industry.

An interior designer can also provide a fresh perspective on your home and help identify what you should and shouldn’t remove or add. They can help you bring new life to a piece of furniture or decor before you throw it away. 

For example, you may feel that your beverage bar is old and outdated, and if you were to DIY, you’d trash the whole unit and buy something new. An interior designer might suggest upgrading your existing coffee bar with fresh varnish, drawer handles, or perhaps a seasonal table runner or tablecloth to help it better fit in with the decor in that room. They can help you repurpose as much as you want in your home, saving you money compared to buying everything new when you don’t need to.

Less chance of errors

Errors in interior design can be costly. If you have to return a new couch because you measured incorrectly and it doesn’t fit through the door, you’ll have the time and worry of returning the item. Larger items may be charged a restocking fee to return, and you’ll be left weeks or months without a replacement item. 

An interior designer is less likely to make errors like these. They know how to measure and visualize all product items before they come into the home, so you don’t end up with mismatched linens in colours that don’t complement each other or a new dining room hutch that won’t fit through your front door. 

They know the best “sources”

Professional interior designers know the best places to get decor items and often acquire them for you much cheaper than if you buy directly from a manufacturer. This is true when your designer or their contacts can buy in bulk for cheaper unit prices.

They also likely have connections for specific decor items, such as those made by local makers and artisans. They can connect you with artists whose work you don’t find at your local home decor store. This will give your home the unique appeal you crave.

Getting support after your project

Another great benefit of getting a designer for your project is that they likely stand behind their work. So, if anything goes wrong or unexpectedly breaks after your project is finished, your designer can help you replace it or find an alternative.

Also, sometimes you’re happy with your home when it’s done, but after living in the home for a few weeks or months, you realize that you’re not using your formal dining area anymore and would like to convert it to a Library or den space. Your designer already has your dimensions and vision, so they can help you transform the space much faster. They can also find new homes for items you no longer want, like your antique dining table.

When it’s ok to DIY your interior design

When it comes to the decorating part of your interior design project, there are times when you can DIY. We suggest getting a consultation to design your home, then you can DIY more seasonal decor items to add your personal touch after. This is often an approach preferred by crafty people who enjoy making art or home decor pieces. It adds a real touch of personalization to your home.

However, you can also show your interior designer the homemade art and items you want to include in your home, and they’ll help you find a way to work in your masterpieces.

Hire a professional for a professional job

You’re likely to hire a professional plumber to fix your leaking toilet. You’re likely to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. You’re likely to hire an accountant to help with your business bookkeeping and taxes. The same logic applies to hiring an interior designer: hire an expert to get the job done right the first time.  

Interior designers have the knowledge and experience to help you with your interior design vision and execution faster and more efficiently than if you tried to DIY it yourself. Want to chat more about how an interior designer can support your home design vision? Contact us today, and we’d be happy to help.