How do you design my space without being in it?

Here’s How We Work Together to Create Your
Online Interior Design Plan.

The 5 Key Elements of Design.

Whether we’re working on one room or several, your Good Space Interior Design Plan Online addresses these 5 key elements — Function, Surfaces, Light, Goods & You!

  • Function is how your space needs to work for you: its layout, flow and scale. A room is not defined by the number of walls but rather by its function; how you use it. Great function is the ultimate end result of the space.

  • Your surfaces are the colours and textures of things that cover your floors, walls, windows and ceilings. Visual texture is the quality of a surface that you can see but not necessarily ‘feel’. Actual texture is the quality of the surface that you can both ‘see’ and ‘feel’.

  • The most central of the 5 elements of your Good Space online interior design plan is YOU! We take the time upfront to get to know YOU; to fully understand your needs, your space and your lifestyle. You educate us on your goals, wants, inspiration and expectations.

  • We address the types and placement of lighting that illuminate your space. There are 4 layers of lighting that support your emotional and functional needs: natural, ambient, task, and accent.

  • These are the items that live in your space, like large and small furniture and room accents. We also provide recommendations on how and where to place your art.

These 5 key elements of good interior design form the building blocks for every Good Space Interior Design Plan Online and are woven into our Inform, Enlighten and Inspire design process.

  • The INFORM phase is all about YOU. You collect inspirational photos and ideas and provide us with measurements and pictures of your space – floors, walls, windows, ceilings, artwork and the goods you hope to keep.

    Your personal concierge then sets up a virtual meeting for you with your Interior Designer to review all the information you’ve submitted. We’ll also go over any additional details you want to share about the goals and aspirations for your space. Our main focus is to create the customized interior design plan that fully reflects your unique personality, style and needs.

    Concierge Tip:
    Getting your measurements completed first will speed up the design process.

  • The ENLIGHTEN phase is all about the PLAN. We create a Function Plan which reflects the best solutions for the layout and placement of everything in your space. We choose Surfaces, Lighting & Goods using new items as well as any items you’ve identified as “keepers”. We organize them into a Preview Document which is saved to your private customer portal.

    Your personal concierge then sets up a virtual meeting for you with your Interior Designer to review the functional layout and detail. Your job is to provide opinion and feedback, ideally within one week following your meeting.

    Concierge Tip:
    The Function Plan is set and locked in as the best solution for your space and reflects the floorplan that will be in your final Good Space Interior Design Plan Online.

  • The INSPIRE phase is all about the DESIGN. Based on your feedback of the Function Plan and Preview Document, your Interior Designer will make changes to the items selected for Surfaces, Lights & Goods and prepare your final plan. Your final plan will include all of the details you need to complete your project.

    We’ll produce a recorded presentation of your customized design to inspire, inform and support you while you bring your plan to life.

    Concierge Tip:
    Your plan includes full product specifications including where-to-purchase information.

Pick your Good Space Plan

  • Office Space

    Ideal for your office or workspace at home or away from home.

    Spaces in your project:

    • Home Office


    • Workspace
  • More Space

    Ideal for your 2-bedroom apartment, condo, house or loft.

    Spaces in your project:

    • The entrance
    • Dining area
    • Living area
    • Primary bedroom
    • Guest bedroom
    • Freshen up for two bathrooms
  • Your Space

    Do you want a little more or a little less than our other options? No problem, you can do that here.

    Keep in mind;

    • When choosing this custom plan that a room is defined by its function not by the number of walls.

    For example:

    • A living room/dining room shared space is considered two rooms.

Have a full service project in mind?

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Whatever your dreams are for your space, they can support you.