Your Guide to Comfortable Camping

Experience Camping In Comfort With Our Must-Have Essentials

That feeling of waking up to the freshest of air all around me. The sounds of the forest slowly pulling me out of a deep sleep. Slowly and quietly climbing down my tent ladder while my partner Fraz is still fast asleep. I slip into my sandals and my favourite Tilley hat to head down to the lake. There is this one moment standing on the edge of the slowly lapping water… where everything stands still and there is peace in my comfortable camping experience. No work stress, no phone service, no commitments, just the beauty of nature.

Camping is truly my happy place for me to unwind and get grounded. It’s my home away from home. It took some time to create that level of home comfort with my camping gear. These are a few things that have become my must haves for camping in comfort.

Some Comfort – $

Comfortable Camping Hat

  • Tilley Hat: This is my favourite item camping. It is made in Canada, it has a lifetime warranty and it is so functional. It’s waterproof, UV protected and the best hat to have summer naps under… ever. I strongly encourage you to join the Tilley club.
  • Luci Solar Lights – This is such a durable solar powered lantern. It is light, takes up next to no space and they FLOAT! Not to mention they make a color changing one for your next camping party.
  • Brewmate Beer Cozy – I love a cold beverage while I’m camping and this cozy definitely keeps a drink chilled for a very long time. It takes both tall and short cans and doubles as a thermos for coffee. They come in so many finishes that it is hard to choose just one.

More Comfort – $$

Comfortable Camping Mosquito Net

  • Camping chair – Having a good chair is key to camping. I don’t have a particular one I love because I have accumulated quite a few over the years. My top requirements for a good camping chair include a large seat to curl up in and a high back to rest my head on.
  • Pop up mosquito tent: For me this is an absolute must when you are deep in the bush. I love being in nature but I don’t love being eaten alive. This Coleman one is durable and super easy to take down & set up.
  • Camping BBQ: I love this trusty Coleman travel BBQ. It gets super hot, has some great add-ons to buy, and is super easy to pack around. I have made so many delicious camping meals on mine!

Luxury Comfort – $$$

Comfortable Camping Tent

  • Down Bedding:  Now if you know me I am a bit of a princess when it comes to bedding. I love down bedding so I had to buy myself a full camping set from my favourite Canadian supplier, Dreammakers. I also love that the down bedding fits in my vacuum storage bags so well.
  • Tepui Tent:  This was my biggest camp purchase last year. We fell in love with these roof top tents when we found this fantastic local outdoor store called Overland Outfitters. I love that store and the owners are next level amazing people. This has changed my camping experience 100% for the better. I feel so safe being up high. The mattress is very comfortable, easy to set up and take down and is great in any weather. Overland Outfitters even offers rentals, including a rack system for your vehicle, in case you are hesitant to buy one…just yet.

Being at home is so soothing for me. Home is safe, comfortable and soul filling. It has always been a sacred space. To create that same feeling in nature is such a treat, which is why I’ve made I have managed to create that feeling in nature with all these camping comforts. Now get outside and enjoy nature. It’s calling for you.